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 “Ami Tomake Bhaalo Bhashi” almost every couple would have said whether they understand Bengali or not. However, with changing times saying it all alone won't suffice, you need to do something more to be the perfect suitor. Don&#...
1. KOLKATA The capital city of West Bengal is lively and homely one must say. Earlier known as Calcutta, the city has a historical past of being the capital of the British Empire until the capital shifted to Delhi, the city acquires everything. Kolk...
Avoid having a trip to West Bengal in summers as the weather is hot and humid, and travelling seems lesser fun in that weather. October to March is expected to be the best time of the year to visit this unusual state as the weather will be cold and p...
A place full of festivals, Monasteries, Monuments, Tea estates, Wildlife sanctuaries has a lot to be done and to be explored. You should take out a week or so to explore this beautiful region, and you would witness the best this place has to offer. ...
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Price   ₹ 5000  ---- ₹ 15000
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