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Play Holi In An Exuberant Way In These Cities

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Play Holi In An Exuberant Way In These Cities

Fri Mar 15, 2019 Jee Le Zindagi Travel Pvt Ltd

Holi is the blend of age-old Indian heritage and modern-day fun with colours. There are many cities which are remarked for the ebullient celebration of the festival in idiosyncratic ways, diverse from one another. If you are planning to go somewhere out of your city and looking for a Holi Special Tour Packages that covers all your needs, you should make us a contact. But before that here we jotted down a few places that must be on your must-to-visit list if you want to enjoy the best of Holi.

  • Vrindavan - ‘Braj Ki Holi’ is one of the most unique and ebullient sights you will ever witness in your lifetime. This festival marks the idyllic love of Lord Krishna and Radha, hence, it is celebrated with utmost joy in Vrindavan - the birthplace of Krishna. People from in and outside the country gather around the temple in Vrindavan and the priests smear the colours on the devotees from the entrance of it.
  • Mathura – Braj also includes Mathura, where the love of Krishna and Radha bloomed. It is said by legends that Krishna used to smear colours on Radha as she had a fairer complexion than him, and he wanted to balance the skin tones with her and thus, paint her face in multiple colours. Since then, the Holi celebration in Mathura is so hyped and visitors come to experience the festival in a euphoric way from distinct parts of the world.
  • Barsana – A small town in Uttar Pradesh celebrates the festival of colours in an incredible way. The ‘Lathmar Holi’ of the village is a popular event all over the globe. The legend says that Barsana is the birthplace of Radha, and there is a magnificent temple dedicated to her as 'Shree Radhika Ji'. Men from Nandgaon came to the town with the intentions to take over the temple and the resident women were reluctant to stop this and beat them with bamboo sticks. Since then, it has become a popular way to celebrate the occasion in the town.

If you are thinking to experience the Holi in any of the above-mentioned destinations, grab India Tour Packages from Jee Le Zindagi Travel Pvt Ltd. We will make sure that you have an exultant and blissful vacation without any worries related to travel.


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